Angelo’s Work

Angelo Aceto’s love for drag racing ignited at a young age, and over the past three decades, he’s transformed that passion into a legacy of hard work and dedication. His journey began behind the wheel of a ’73 Challenger, where alongside his brother, he dove into the intricate world of tuning.

As Angelo’s expertise grew, so did his impact on the drag racing scene. A collaboration with Rocky Di Lecce saw them to be the first Canadian team to win cross-border championships within the OSCA Canadian outlaw 10.5 series and NSCA with his ’68 Chevelle. The duo’s success reached its pinnacle in 2013 when they clinched the PMRA Championship, navigating a ’69 Pro Mod Camaro to victory.

Angelo has lent his expertise to elevate others in the drag racing community. From fine-tuning Mike Yedgarian’s ’68 Twin Turbo Firebird Pro Mod to optimizing Tony Presto’s Outlaw 10.5 ’67 Nova, and many more.

Currently, Angelo is a driving force behind Santos Motorsports, steering them to a #1 Qualifying spot at the Snowbird Nationals in Bradenton, Florida. His unwavering commitment to the sport does not go unnoticed

“My crew chief is Angelo Aceto who also tuner. His work ethic and dedication to this team is second to none and without him I wouldn’t be doing this anymore — simply. — he is the heart of this operation.” -Jay Santos in Drag Race Canada

Angelo Aceto’s journey in drag racing continues with passion, teamwork, and relentless pursuit of excellence, with the support of his family and friends.



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