The brake system is by far one of the most important safety systems in your vehicle.
Being able to stop on a dime to avoid incident or accident is crucial!
At Midway we only use the best quality parts for brake maintenance and replacement.
Brakes need to be regularly inspected at a trusted repair facility. Vehicles will be driven to test
the brake system functions. We will then perform a visual inspection, measuring pad and shoe
thickness, checking for even wear. Check rotors for run out and hot spots, check hardware for
proper adjustments. Wheel cylinders, brake lines and brake master cylinders are inspected for
leaking and wear, and then all fluid levels are inspected.
All your braking system is checked to make sure that they are in proper working order to ensure brake system effectiveness while driving.

We highly recommend having your brake system inspected with each oil change or at a
minimum every 6 months or approximately 6,000 km.